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Our Philosophy


    We think you should be able to pronounce the names of the compounds in your food. But, even more importantly, you should know what they mean to your possible health.


    You should be able to trust that the people making your food have your best interests in mind. People have been told trans-fats are "bad" for them, but how many people know enough chemistry to know the difference between the cis and trans configurations of a molecule? 


    Everyone knows the 3 secret ingredients of French cooking are butter, butter, and butter. Not fake butter with all types of additives and flavorings added. Yes, we do use real, unsalted butter in our recipes. Yes, we do use real sugar in our recipes. There is nothing wrong with either of these when used and eaten in moderation. That means you need a witness/co-conspirator when your macadamia nut toffee or popcorn arrives so you don't eat the entire bag in one sitting. Trust us. It will be hard to resist after the first bite.


Who grows our fruit?


    We do. We eat it too, so we use natural pest controls and rely on lady bugs and praying mantis during the growing season. Our outside adopted "feral" kitties also keep the bug population low because they think bugs like tomato hornworms are a playtoy. Weeds are removed by hand. And we spray our trees after fall pruning with an oil based product to minimize peach leaf curl (a fungus) from infecting our stone fruit during the spring growth season.

Most of our bare-root trees came from Dave Wilson Nursery. Our hybrid trees are the 4-in-1 Pluot, 6-in-1 Cherry, and Aprium. They do not sell directly to the consumer, but their site is very informative. It helped us find the most flavorful fruit varieties to create our 3000 sq. ft. backyard orchard of about 20 trees. Their backyard orchard concept can be found HERE.

Are you a cat lover? We live in a county that fixes feral cats and adopts them out or returns them to the area in which they were trapped. Last year we "acquired" a mom cat and her litter of 4 kittens born under our jungle of trees. We took them to the humane society, paid $20 each to have them fixed and the mom plus one kitten were adopted out. The three remaining Gangster Cats were returned to our address where they now steal things like our neighbor's size 11 flip flop. Yes, they have toys, but it's like the empty cardboard box and kids. We support The Cat House on the Kings because they share our philosophy. Want more info? Visit them HERE.

We have been enjoying Hawaii-grown macadamia nuts from Island Princess for many years. We exclusively use their unsalted, lightly roasted nuts in all our macadamia nut recipes. Raw Macadamia nuts are very tasty and excessive roasting kills lots of the buttery flavors.  Their nuts are great for cooking or right out of the bag. Visit them HERE for more info.